Saturday, April 30, 2011

One-Hit Wonders: April 2011 terms inexplicably pulling up this blog...
  • down shirt tittys tubes galore
  • millatimes breakup boyfriend
  • famous art pieces
  • "lasagna falafel" -beef
  • wilted greens + milla = hate
  • before my kidneys shut down, my sweat would crystallize on my skin
  • soviet hat newseum
  • milla gorbachev
  • why are catholics called finnions

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stuff and Things

i wish i could claim that i’ve been busy curing cancer or making plans to attend a royal wedding, but that’s not why i’ve been such a slacker about blogging lately. the truth is that i’ve been taking secret meetings with the illuminati, who have been reviewing my manifesto on how to bring about world peace (they rejected it). i’ve also been occupied with several other Very Important Things, some of which are outlined below:
  • fitness: wow, did i just write that? more to the point, did i really just attend that kickboxing class? and did i also just start a weekly hiking group? i guess i did, which must mean that i really need to lose some weight and, i suppose, that i’m (finally) starting to take better care of my health. though it turns me into a horribly sweaty mess — and i generally hate sweating — the exercise has also helped me sleep better at night and feel better during the day. i think i’ll stick with it.
  • the high life: i know i should probably be demure and somewhat embarrassed by the confession that i’ve been privy to some sweet corporate schwag recently, but the truth is that i loved every second of it. the truth is that i had an awesome time watching a dodger game from box seats off of third base and near the dodger dugout (hello, Matt Kemp!), courtesy of my boss’ boss. i also had an awesome time at the company-sponsored trip to the clubhouse at santa anita race track, where i sat comfortably after binging on a free buffet, drink in hand, and watched horse races. unfortunately, all of the horses i bet on lost. i’ve requested that they be sent to the glue factory immediately.
  • speaking of meat: the meatlessness has ceased. i went about six weeks of living on a purely pescatarian diet, save a bite or two of friends’ meaty meals, before i caved and had a steak. it was the best steak of my life. i was literally drooling before i ate it and then could not shovel it into my mouth fast enough. since then i’ve been eating bacon, sausage and more steak like it’s going out of style. i know it’s murder, but it tastes too good to be that wrong. i think i’ll stick with it, too.
  • the lake show: the highlight of this week is seeing my beloved los angeles lakers play their last game of the season, against the san antonio spurs, at staples center. i’m taking my superstar pops to the game for his birthday, just like i did for his 60th birthday a few years back. i’m extremely excited about this as 1) we have killer seats; 2) we’re having a banging dinner beforehand at a fancy restaurant downtown; and 3) i love my pops! (i love my moms, too!) i expect nothing less than an absolutely awesome time.