Sunday, July 31, 2011

One-Hit Wonders: July 2011 terms inexplicably pulling up this blog...
  • photo of children playing near mountain lion
  • bloody fight
  • milky tits
  • skunk sprayed my face
  • cute dog conversation
  • tickle her feet
  • welcoming a new roommate?
  • milla wet and puffy
  • people partying
  • worlds longest poop

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stuff and Things

hello and goodbye, july! thanks for flying by with a wave, a wink and a smack on the ass. you’ve been quite hectic, alternating between crazy busy and wholly uneventful — with nap-filled, lazy days followed by full-agenda days that last well into the night. not that i have any complaints. in fact, you’ve been pretty good to me. great even. though i sense that’s about to change when august flies in and starts dropping its stress bombs. but before that happens, let’s do a quick rundown of july’s softballs.
  • operation: home remodel: certainly, this is the stress bomb i speak of. its start date has been pushed back so many times that i sometimes wonder if it will ever start. there have been various delays for various reasons, but it’s definitely still going to happen (possibly next week). and when it does happen, it will effectively end my summer, keeping me housebound, penniless and in a world of construction dust. that’s probably for the best as i’ve been meaning to stream some movies, read some books and, umm, catch up on blogging.
  • operation: socialize: this one i am all caught up on as i have been attending nearly every party, art show, dinner, concert and envelope opening that i have been invited to, usually with the costa rican cutie on my arm. i even went dancing (two nights in a row!) last weekend and spent a whole day communing with The Nature in the santa monica mountains. this is in addition to the group hikes that take place every tuesday (ping me if you want details) and did i mention that writing class i just completed?
  • operation: be a writer: allow me a little Product Placement here as i plug the wonderful, glorious and often delicious (given that they serve food) Writing Pad, which offers fabulous writing classes and events populated by unpretentious people (so rare in LA). i just finished a four-week personal essay class, where i workshopped what’s basically an extended blog post that i’m hoping to publish anywhere but this blog. as i’ve already received one rejection, outlook not so good, so i’m sure it will be here soon enough.
  • operation: haiku wednesdays: if you’re not my friend on facebook, you totally should be (i’m also on Google+), so you can be a part of something that’s cooler than ice! known as Haiku Wednesdays, it’s basically exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of facebookers write haikus every wednesday that are posted on a group page. it’s something i started after randomly writing a status update as a haiku, and now it’s a global phenomenon that’s 65-people strong. yeah!
  • operation: rest of summer: i’m going to get a bike (and actually use it). i’m going to write more, here and elsewhere. i’m going to plan an overseas trip that i hope to take next year. i’m going to attend lots of free events and cook at home most of the time. i’m going to exercise more. and now that i’ve immortalized these goals by telling them to the internets, i’m going to nap.