Friday, May 16, 2003

ok, now that i have a forum, i can't think of one damn thing to say. i can't imagine that strangers would be reading this, but just in case they are, perhaps i should begin with an introduction. hi there, my name is milla. i live in los angeles, am a 26-year-old student/writer/editor. tomorrow is a big day for me as i'm heading to london for six weeks to embark on an internship with voice of america, an organization owned by a government i can't stand right now. i'm going to try not to let that ruin the experience, however. it's supposed to be an impartial news agency and i imagine i'll be responsible for some of the news that comes out of that place, so wish me luck.

this blog will serve as a way for me to record my adventures in europe this summer. i would have created it from my personal web site,, but (which is proving to be quite a nifty little helper) allows for web-based updating, no dreamweaver necessary, so this is far more convenient, though i'll likely move all this crap to my site in the end. can i say "fuck" here? i guess so, i just did. i'm trying not to worry that my mom will be reading this (hi mom!), as i don't want to censor myself.

friends, please bookmark this page and check back often for updates on what i'm hoping will be the best summer vacation of my life. strangers and enemies, feel free to do the same. send kind regards to and stay tuned.

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