Monday, August 25, 2003

well, here i am in my new apartment with my DSL all hooked up and ready to reconnect me with the cyberworld and i have nothing to post. it sucks because i know that not too long ago, my life was quite interesting, if i may say so myself. but now, with all the traveling done and the impending school year ready to turn me into a stressed-out busybody under constant deadline pressure (again!), i'm morphing into a whiny, boring brat (which is probably what i've always been).

the official first day of school is today, but i don't have class until tomorrow, so i'm sitting at home today, trying to ward off a cold and figure out where my classes are tomorrow and where i can get some shelves built for the hallway closet. i know, fun friggin stuff. it seems like just a few weeks ago i was meandering the streets of prague, eating goulash and looking up at all the pretty buildings around me. oh wait, it was just a few weeks ago.

ok, ok, enough complaining. i know i truly have little to bitch about. this blog will get better, i promise. it will now record all the trials, tribulations and angst of an L.A.-based graduate student in journalism. sounds promising, eh?

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