Thursday, July 08, 2004

My 28th Birthday Party

choose your booze: the bar was fully stocked and provided many alcoholic leftovers.

'it's my party': and i'll get as drunk as i want to.

the dynamic duo: Zee and Nick

lip service: Raidis puckers up porno style.

yogaman unveiled: Me with my (ahem) new boyfriend Justin.

dig my yard! Saba, Chris, Raidis, Justin.

ex's can get along: Juancho with his soon-to-be ex-wife Kiana.

the girl at the end of the alphabet: Zee and her beautiful bedroom eyes.

the furry chaperone: Juice had a good time, too.

hey, ladies: Chris is single.

whereas... Justin is not (and neither am I).

she calls me 'chinadoll': thanks for the wine glasses, Alsy.

my fellow M.A.s in journalism: Melissa (aka Gonzo) and Grace.

dig my living room! we move the ruckus indoors.

few are funnier: than Stevie (pictured with me) after a few cocktails.

fedoras and coronas: Nick parties in style.

burnt by the sun: Kiana's been incredibly tan lately.

my cream dream: ain't he cute?

the coolest gift ever: thanks to Garron for the Aztec thingy here.

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