Tuesday, November 16, 2004

San Francisco Weekend Treat

finally managed to take that SF jaunt i've been talking about taking forever, but never managed to organize. well, it happened the weekend before last; it was marvelous, as expected, spawning all these elaborate fantasies about moving back there and resuming the life i once led before it was interrupted by -- as zee would say -- the architecture of the heart. i am glad i moved back to LA when i did, however. i don't think i would have gotten my master's otherwise, nor my dog, so it had its benefits. and i would move back to SF, but not like i did in 1998 as a reckless 22-year-old with nothing to lose. i have a standard of living now and i have a furry kid, which would force me to look before i leaped. i'd need a job first, an apartment by a park, maybe even a garage for my car. who knows, i might just up and move one day or maybe never again, i've grown to be happy in LA. in the meantime, i'll settle for my annual visits to the bay, where many good friends still live. (sadly, i missed out on seeing the NegEx this time around. catch you this thanksgiving, kid.) here are other highlights:

Chinatown rocks: or maybe it's a bit more easy listening these days, as evidenced by the violin -- is that a violin? -- player.

fancy fat feline: this cat had a moustache, no joke.

ms. heady: Dee reading the NYT during breakfast in the Marina.

who you callin' granola? Dee's breakfast looked amazing.

gay mecca: if you're a straight man having a bad day, you should go to the Castro for an ego boost.

one dollah to make you hollah: Justin tries his hand at hustling on Castro Street.

sold to the highest bidder: i can afford one dollah.

purty: flowers.

ken and barbie: i mean, Randy and Melanie kindly met me for drinks in the Mission.

my bitches: Loulou with Sharon (in white), my spiritual soul sister.

group hug: Me, Justin, Sharon, Loulou and Dee with beautiful Noe Valley reflected in the background.

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