Sunday, May 15, 2005

Random Photo Essay

figured it was time to put some purty pictures up here. no unifying theme, just random shots taken over the past few months.

the hairy eyeball: of course no photo essay would be complete without a shot of the juice, seen here with her boyfriend max.

camera ready: k8 the gr8, whom i hear is moving to los angeles from portland, prepares to snap one.

posers: k8 and i worked together once upon a time in san francisco. we got hired at the exact same time and our new coworkers had trouble telling us apart. five years and two cities later, we're still twins.

the real electra: my daddy's the love of my life.

sibling rivalry: my older sister tatyana, left, vies for my spot as daddy's little girl. (she doesn't stand a chance.)

family matters: my fabulous cousins, roman and gitella, recently abandoned their day jobs to move to portland.

annenbergirlies: some hot chicks i went to school with. from right to left: moran, zahra, malavika, grace and yours truly.

our new commentator: dee, whom i've known since 1997, is inexhaustible, analytical, parenthetical and damn hot.

umm...drunk...yeah: zee and i with the most bizarre hats at some random party. blame it on the vodka.

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