Tuesday, March 25, 2008


so i went to Chicago for the first time ever. in October of last year. but let’s just pretend it happened last week so this entry feels more current. i have no good reason for waiting so long to post on it besides my usual lamentations about being busy and lazy, but i didn’t want to forget my trip altogether because i have some (but too few) photos i wanted to post, and because i immensely enjoyed my visit.

that skyline: when i first got to Chicago and saw that immense skyline, with its diverse skyscrapers, and the vibrant culture full of cool and interesting people, the first thing i felt was embarrassment. like, why haven’t i been here before? and why didn’t i know that this town was so fantastic? oh, right — because i’m retarded.

“the loop”: that’s what Chicagoans call their downtown. i spent lots of time here but, sadly, never once rode the L. next time.

the reason: remember Mo? he’s the boyfriend i split with last summer. well, after our split he embarked on a three-month road trip across the western U.S. to tour some mighty fine architecture, which he captured on film. you can see his journey at Archinect Travels. and you can see me in his Chicago episodes, which are still a few months away from being published, as he’s still working on earlier episodes. in any case, i help Mo with his work by editing his scripts and offering my two pence on his films before they are posted on Archinect.com. so when he called me from the road back in October, inviting me to meet him in Chicago on his dime, i felt it was my duty as a professional copy editor to pay a visit to one of my most cherished clients. i know what you’re thinking — i must be very dedicated to my work. that, or you think i acted like a russian call girl. you’d be right on both counts.

the usuals: we did the usual tourist thing by looking at the art stuffs at The Art Institute of Chicago, which had a pretty cool collection of pointillism pieces, among other works. they have that famous Seurat piece i’ve wanted to see ever since i saw “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” after finally seeing it, i spent the rest of the day singing “Danke Shane.”

the inspiration: i was so inspired by the arts at the museum that i took a series of what i thought were arty shots the next afternoon.

the lion: he sat outside the museum looking mighty fierce. so i sat near him and could swear i heard him whisper, “your art sucks.”

the architecture: art aside, Mo and i were there to see the architecture, which included a stop in Oak Park to visit the Robie House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

the smiles: Mo was all smiles outside the Robie House, despite his camcorder battery dying in the middle of filming. we took the $12 tour through the house, after which we concluded that Wright was pretty much a total badass with some mad design skills. (sadly, interior photography was not allowed.)

fantabulous: not to be outdone, Mies van der Rohe’s McCormick House at the Elmhurst Art Museum was equally impressive. after seeing it, i decreed that my dream house would be built of glass and steel.

the Sears tower: everyone i talked to before going to Chicago urged me to take the architectural boat ride down the Chicago River, which was great advice. there i learned that Chicago is home to the modern skyscraper and that the 110-story Sears Tower was designed to resemble a pack of cigarettes.

whole kernel: the boat ride also taught me that i really like buildings that look like corn on the cob.

the hard stare: and buildings with windows that look like eyeballs are also pretty neat.

best: but buildings that reflect the clouds are the greatest of all. i think this one was my favorite, though i might have felt differently if i were there on a gloomy day.

blooms: but there were no glooms and dooms. the weather was unseasonably warm and only really turned cold on the day i was leaving. in short, the trip was perfect! i saw lots of fancy art and architecture, ate each meal like it was my last, and felt the boundless elation that only a great week out of town can bring. and yes, Mo was a huge reason for that. and yes, Chicago was the perfect backdrop for our honeymoon of love.

i know what y’all are wondering. i see your eyebrows raised in the unmistakable question of “what’s going on with you guys?” it seems silly to answer it now when everyone around me has known for months that we’re very much back on. our little break did much to help us realize that we couldn’t live without each other, meaning we needed to figure out how to live with each other. and we’ve been figuring it out and it’s been going remarkably well. we’re communicating better and trying our hardest to always operate from a place of love.

in our time apart i didn’t go on one single date, which is unusual for me. i told myself at that time that i was anti-men and couldn’t be bothered with their nonsense. but deep down i knew the real reason — i belonged to Mo. i felt it then on the night of our first date almost three years ago and still feel it now. so yes, Mo is my boyfriend again. for now. and maybe forever.

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