Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Home-Improvement Chronicles: The Extermination

tented: the circus came to town, or maybe just to my house. but this circus didn't feature elephants riding around on tricycles, only termites being gassed to death under the big tent.

kill 'em all! props to Terminix for bringing the poison, though it would have been nice if they also brought a keg and maybe some pizza.

wondering if they sell these as stickers: because i'd probably get a few to stick all over the new plywood subflooring.

praying they don't find a cat in there: Terminix told me to warn my neighbors with curious kitties that the big tent would be coming. he said the amount of dead cats they find in tents is astronomical. i did my best to warn the neighbors but still felt anxious as hell throughout the three-day fumigation that a cat would wiggle in, die and kill my chances of making nice with my new neighbors.

send in the clowns: this better do the trick.

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