Monday, December 22, 2008

One-Hit Wonders: December 2008

remember the new feature alert that appeared last month, the one where i listed a bunch of internet search terms that pulled up my blog, sometimes inexplicably, courtesy of the google analytics i installed, the ones that let me know that you’re reading this while sitting at work procrastinating instead of doing the job your boss is paying you for, you lazy fuck. yeah, those. i’ve decided that those terms really need to be broken out into their own monthly post. so without further adieu, i present to you this month’s One-Hit Wonders:

  • milla jovovich breathing in your sleep espaƱol

  • milla is gay

  • free pictures of madly drinking lactating milky breasts

  • hypnotic voodoo mistress

  • what does mispucha mean?

  • pinko skeletal animals


  • im swollen and throbbing right above my big toe

  • my coworkers belittle my appearance

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