Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One-Hit Wonders: June 2009

there was a noticeable reduction of sexual search terms pulling up my blog this month, with more terms centering on home improvement projects and household issues. oddly, i find myself saddened by this as it makes me think this blog is turning more utilitarian than sexy. from this point forward i vow to write more about hairy balls, lactating breasts and the always popular milla jovovich sausage nipples.

  • agggggh

  • urine bag disguise

  • milla the last man

  • my puppy goes insane at sundown

  • am i allergic to my comforter

  • can fumigation resolve chinese drywall

  • i want to buy a loft in downtown l.a. how is parking

  • conclusion for photo essay on my life

  • what is selective slut

  • rolling wine bottle on stomach to flatten abs

  • my sister tortures me about my big breasts

  • i live in mexican neighborhood treated like shit

  • is the word gradumacated spanish

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