Thursday, September 24, 2009

One-Hit Wonders: September 2009

apologies for being late with this month’s search terms, which now have countless variations of “i caught my wife/sister/mom fucking/screwing/sucking the dog.” that’s often the unintended consequence of posting these online: they multiply like rabbits, or maybe dogs in heat. as always, there are still a million variations of “milla jovovich nipples” and also quite a few “38DD,” but the best are below:
  • adult nipple toucher

  • does milla know grass trimmers in highland park? [ed note: no, just a great tree trimmer.

  • mexican parents don’t know i have serious boyfriend

  • essay about my big breasts, sexual

  • apathy won’t attend parole hearing

  • hives after ecstasy

  • my buddy chucky poo the lil guy on campus

  • does milla like tacos while on a hammock?

  • taco drip in milla

  • john 3:16 in different written language +jappiness

  • sysiphus joke

  • locked in their garage for 2 weeks until they came home from vacation and had to live on bags of dog food

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