Saturday, November 28, 2009

One-Hit Wonders: November 2009

this month's search terms inexplicably pulling up my blog have a distinctively instructional feel to them, as though people are using The Milla Times in the same way they would use wikipedia, though in my case they are looking for erotic stories on nipple touchers.

  • erotic stories of nipple toucher

  • how do you pronounce raidis

  • an introduction of an argumentative eassy on sweets,crips and fizzy drinks

  • how to kill a chinese elm stump

  • is as happy as a retard in a crayon factory. what does this mean

  • mo's bouillabaisse recipe

  • does redwood smell like pine

  • what means "year older none the wiser"

  • joan didion calm the fuck down

  • the +countdown to the meteor hits earth

  • when did duran duran john taylor lose his virginity

  • peace corps wild orgies

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