Thursday, February 25, 2010

One-Hit Wonders: February 2010

this month’s search terms inexplicably pulling up this blog are all about the sexxxy time. and now that i wrote “sexxy,” i will get a million variations of “sexxxy milla fucking sex tit cock dog.” and now that i wrote that, well, you know...

  • girls with big feet and barking cough

  • heavily pierced tits hanging out of corset

  • i love hating sarah palin

  • skunk smell satanist


  • free pictures of lactating boobs fucking dogs

  • here the longest lowhangers i`ve ever seen

  • girls with flat abs fucking

  • my mother-laws 38ddd's i want to fuck

  • changing my diaper

  • in how do i love thee, what skin disorder did the girl have

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