Monday, September 27, 2010

One-Hit Wonders: September 2010 terms inexplicably pulling up this blog...
  • why did my third eye tickle
  • meditation journal worried about partner
  • somebody times somebody face
  • lactating for my dog sex
  • "i can't finish it soon"
  • landmark forum causing divorces
  • writing my new roommate an email
  • wooden canopies
  • lesbian boob touchers
  • milla thousand and one nights of love with you on the beach


Wade said...

Dammit, why do you get nights of love on the beach while all I get is "abel maldonado noguez?" Even your search strings are cooler than me!

Milla said...

just pepper in some "boobs," "dog fucking" and "nipple touchers" into your blog posts and watch as your search terms soar!