Wednesday, December 22, 2010


as the saying goes, another day, another dollar, and another year, another broken resolution. still, i keep making them, hoping against hope that i can rid myself of a few pesky bad habits that cling to me like leeches. hopefully i will score points just for trying. as they also say: it’s the thought that counts.

though when i consider last year’s list of resolutions, my track record doesn’t seem that bad. out of the four things i promised to do, i actually did 1) take better care of my health in the form of a meatless month, a semi-regular exercise regiment and the undergoing of many stress-relieving and, of course, medically necessary massages; i also did 2) work as much as possible, and oftentimes too much, which i fear has turned me into a bit of a workaholic.

sadly, i did not 3) spend less time in front of my computer or 4) become a prolific writer. in fact, i became a lazier one, no doubt because of all the time i wasted in front of my computer not writing.

thankfully, i have another year to make things right, to get closer to the person i want to be, as another saying goes. and though that person is much younger, thinner and smarter than i’ll ever be, she’s also someone who keeps her new year’s resolutions. as yet another saying goes (last one, promise): if not now, when? finally, i have an answer — january 1, which is when the following list of healthy new habits will take effect and transform my life into something AMAZING:
  • fix the damn house: lots to do on this front. short list includes replacing a few windows, finally adding closet doors to the bedrooms, converting the garage into a rental and a completely remodeling the exterior. as i intend to continue working as much as possible, i hope i can afford to make some of these happen.
  • be a better friend: i don’t think i’ve been horrible in this department, but i have been incredibly self-involved all year — even more so than usual. obviously, part of it was me taking time to deal with what i needed to deal with, but i fear that all that time alone has made me terribly insular so much so that i’ve been unavailable to the people i care about. well, no more, cherished friends! next year, i will totally come to your party and reply to your emails and even help you move. (well, some of you.)
  • take writing holidays: in my neverending quest to become prolific, or at least semi-regular with my writing, i vow to take a few out-of-town trips that will be solely devoted to writing — not just this blog but something substantial, something book-like. to this end, i shall make sure whatever hotel i stay in does not have internet access to distract me with things like Facebook, which means i’ll end up writing in a Travelodge in Oxnard. but at least i’ll be writing. in an alternate universe, i would be able to write at home, but the dogs, the dishes, the friends, the laundry — i always find a reason not to.
  • meditate and shit: i’m nowhere near regular with this either, and i need to get regular. it’s sort of like the gym, where i hate going in, but am so happy i did when i come out. (not that i ever go to the gym, but you know what i mean.) thankfully, i have a meditation center very close to my house to help me with this one. i intend to become a regular there. it will be my gym.
  • the usual suspects: as with past years, i will continue to take better care of my health, to work more, to pay down debt and hit my savings goals, to be a good dog mom and a good daughter (in addition to being a better friend), to keep evolving and growing, living and learning, laughing and loving, screaming and shouting, rocking and rolling.


Cassie said...

You have been an awesome friend this year. No matter what anyone else says! And I will get back to you with the move date. HEHE

Milla said...

thanks, C-money. but hopefully next year i will be super awesome. can't wait for your going away party. it should be epic.