Monday, January 31, 2011

1 Down, 11 to Go

when i haven’t been freakishly blissful and appreciating the moment, i have been thinking a lot about The Future. most of my thoughts about This Future are centered on goals i’d like to achieve and poorly formed plans about how to best achieve them.

sometimes the goals are as nebulous and far-fetched as the plans, with many trains of thought leading into a daydream about winning the lottery. other times, they come in a clear and vibrant vision, something akin to a lucid dream where i can push aside obstacles and shatter world records with the flick of a wrist. then, just as johnny depp is about to leave his supermodel wife for me, i wake up.

the most challenging thing about being lost in the fantasyland that is my head is making the leap from thought to action. so far, that hasn’t been going very well. i’ve told myself that this was because january was my "ramp-up month" when i could putz around without purpose, playing with ideas. but now that february has arrived, signifying a year already in full swing, the party in my head has to be broken up by the cops, none of whom resemble johnny depp unfortunately.

to help jump-start (find?) my motivation for Getting Things Done, i’ve decided to resurrect Meatless February, an annual event i initiated last year to great success. a lovely side effect of that meatless month was an increase in energy, clarity and focus — all of which i could benefit from right about now.

i also intend to take a few classes this year, maybe even join a few clubs. sadly, all the pounds of flesh i’ve been consuming in preparation for the meatless month have fogged up my brain so much that i can’t remember what classes or clubs i’m referring to, but i know that there are some on the horizon.

my other big plans all involve the house, which always involves money, some of which i hope to amass during the upcoming bonus season at work and tax season at home. but before those checks clear, i need to lay some foundation in the form of pulling permits from the city, meaning my meditation practice will soon go into overdrive. serenity now, bitches.

beyond that, i’m really looking forward to the summer, probably for the first time in my adult life. i’m stunned by this as i generally love LA’s mild winters, but i find myself itching for more daylight, which i hope to use for accomplishing the many things that have been swirling in my head.

i need to hustle because the year will pash in a flash and, before i know it, next winter will set in and bathe the year in moonlight, making me feel as though i did nothing with my time at all.


Michael said...

"Serenity now, bitches."

As in, "Ommotherf-----" ;-)

Courtmack said...

I'm in serious denial that an entire month from this year is gone. But very glad to hear how generally happy and healthy you sound! I've got a few more cough-syrup-with-codeine nights and then I can't wait to come to your house with your dogs and catch up over wine and tarot cards. xoxoox

Milla said...

yes, mrs. mack! feel better immediately so we can hook it up.