Wednesday, June 04, 2003

not much time for updating today. i'm dashing out of work right now to make a yoga class by 6:30 pm. not much happened between the last post and this one. i made pizza for my roomies last night and transcribed all of my interviews today at work. otherwise, i've still been trying to nail this voice audition for voa. you don't know how hard it is to read news well, i didn't know until i tried it. to get the tone, intonation, stress and pace just right in a news piece is really a challenge. i've done plenty of practicing and bossman still sits down with me after every recorded attempt, offers his critique, and then says, 'ok, now do it again.' i feel like he's my mom teaching me algebra all over again. he even had me do some training on an ad from a magazine, which i had to read in a way that would convince him to buy the product. i don't think i convinced him.

more training continues tomorrow. until then.

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