Tuesday, July 01, 2003

i'm in cromer now in what must be the oldest library in the world with the slowest computers on earth. things move pretty slowly here in general, especially with all the old folks around. this town has about 7,000 people, and at least 85% of them must be over the age of 65. the only thriving industry here appears to be the local mortuary.

it is quaint, though, i must admit. you can walk the length of the town in about 40 minutes. every cab ride costs the same regardless of where you're going (£2.20). stone cottages with pretty gardens line the streets. there's a really gorgeous old church in the center of town, and everyone has that small-town hospitality that has them saying 'hi' to you in the streets for no apparent reason. i think i jumped the first few times someone addressed me, but i'm beginning to say 'good day' now to passing strangers just because. it's very twilight zone.

but yes, i'm bored out of my gourd. i've already gone through half the hotel's video library. i'm really trying to just take in the peace and quiet and it has gotten easier in the past day, but i'm itching to go already. this surprises me considering how inherently lazy i usually am. i used to enjoy doing nothing for days on end, but life and its assorted, sordid responsibilities have turned me into a busybody, and now i fear there's no turning back.

oh well, only a few more days will be spent here and then the real european tour will begin. maybe that's what keeping me restless -- the thought of what lies ahead, which will certainly be better than this podunk town full of old, white faces. pabs and i would leave sooner, but the eurail passes we have only become active on july 4, so we're stuck. ugh.

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