Thursday, October 27, 2005

Party Photos, Part II

party people: still partying.

notice his double fisting: Alex and Abel went into the stable to fetch a pail of vodka. a minute later, i created this fable and, and, and -- ah, fuck it, i'm out of rhyme.

dave and his finger: i'm guessing he used it to tease that pompadour he was sporting the whole night. i believe someone at the party referred to it as "John Larroquette hair."

avi and his two fingers: peace is best achieved at 2 in the morning after a few screwdrivers.

another cute couple: Jason and Katie make cutesy poopsey for the camera.

if you haven't figured it out (you might be retarded): Momo and i reconciled soon after i posted the big, dramatic breakup entry. and nowadays, things are terrific.

bitches brawl: i put my money on juice.

yet another cute couple: zee and nick sitting in a hammick, with a love so sweet it might make you sick.

that finger again: oh where will it land and why was it up so high?

no one likes a quitter: which is precisely why i'm still smoking (socially). Ann, Raidis and Damien join me in my debauchery on the couch.

two beauts: Juice and Zee share a calm moment after the roughhousing.

two breasts brains are better than one: Momo and I did some collaborating on how to fix our communication misfires, and we figured that i should wear low-cut tops to keep him distracted and he should create new commentator characters for this blog to keep me entertained. with that in place, i've resumed the bowl-of-jello state i was in when we first got together. in short: i'm in love; i can't help it; he is a star.

stare at this picture: there's just something about it -- polly the anachronism in her bright dress, chad with his raised eyebrow as if he knows some special secret, and corey's beautiful face as the apex. just kinda weird, but i dig it.

still going: dave's finger seems to have lost much of its momentum as it races up his nose and into his brain.

honey, not right now: but definitely later.

i'll have what he's having: like a cherub, that face.

make it a double: or even a triple.

think she likes him? Raidis and Damien actually went to prom together when all of us were in high school. class of '94, represent!

ice cracks your teeth: but in this photo it's harmless.

pet the pompadour: Dave and his finger finally came to rest on the porch, where they remained at rest for a good hour while his gorgeous wife Corey was inside getting hit on by a twentysomething. when i asked Dave if i could bring him anything while he sat on the porch, his reply was, "it's all your fault."

limeye: you can hear the ocean if you put it up to your ear.

this could be his album cover: Jason kicks it in the hammock.

game over (with spooky juice eyes in the background): thanks for playing, Dave (and love you much, please don't kill me for this).

the money shot: speaks for itself.

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