Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Still Partying Like I Used To

i had a party over the weekend. just because i could. i won't allow one stinkin hangover to bury me and my youth, so i threw something together very last moment and the people came. and they consumed alcohol and socialized and stayed very late. one of them even threw up on my porch. with that, it felt like a proper party and i had a terrific time playing hostess. here are some visual souvenirs. this part I of II.

bow to your hostess: i said bow, bitches!

this is my good friend (and hairstylist), Stevie: here you see him demonstrating the effectiveness of the nicotine patch.

The Milla Times salutes one of its newest commentators, Wade: visit him and his blog at juniorbird.com.

the bitches i bow to: Ann and Raidis being their radiant selves. i am the missing filipino triplet in this shot.

mr. laca: Chad is rad, dood, with a killer musik collection.

friendly beaver trailer park: Tim and his 40 have the kind of fun that only a man and his 40 can have at a Saturday night sausage fest hosted by a girl he went to high school with.

ditto the above: but apply it to Damien and his 40.

the triumvirate: ditto, now with Deo and his 40 (at left). by night's end we had the following stats: one 40 finished; one almost finished and the last one (a quarter remaining) kicked over accidentally by the partygoer who upchucked on the porch.

blue cups: other alkie was a-flowin as well, mostly of the vodka variety.

make my funk the p-funk: Polly won the best-dressed award in her cute retro thing.

the best smile award: went to my old college buddy Abel, who now runs the ultracool Livity Outernational clothing line.

avatar: me and the Avi-ster, my old grad school buddy whom I TAed a class with. (leave a comment someday, whiggah.)

three-headed monster: high-school mainstays Ann, Raidis and Damien doing their collective impression of The Blob on my couch.

pour out a little liquor for your homies: high school hunks Momo, with his whiskey, Deo and Damien make a toast to the host(ess) -- me!

why are they wearing the same shirt? Momo satisfies his munchies with Cherry Garcia while Damien visits the happy place in his head.

the night's lone tragedy: Dave was trashed fratboy-style -- and it was totally endearing. really.

more photos forthcoming.

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