Wednesday, January 04, 2006


i had so looked forward to getting 2006 underway. i just knew that i would wake up on january 1 a brand new person, with all my bad habits gone. the better, newer, 2006er version of me would be far more responsible, disciplined and organized. i could just feel the metamorphosis occuring as 2005 made its exit, with each lost second offering the promise of a kept resolution. this year would be different, damnit, just like every year before it.

and then i woke up: hungover, with eyeliner running down my cheek, dragon breath from smoking the cigarettes i was supposed to have tossed, in a bed that wasn't even my own. it was the afternoon already and i had a family event to attend that day and a guilty conscience from a dog left alone overnight. i could barely move. i took a quick inventory and saw that my bad habits were still securely in place. this is the year i will turn 30.

yet, this is also the year i am destined to keep the majority of my new year's resolutions, which include:

  • exercise more in 2006!! i know, this is the first time anyone on the planet had made such a resolution for herself, but i'm a trailblazer that way. i have been going to the gym regularly since i joined, though that's done little to help me slim down substantially. it's only allowed me to have second helpings and the occasional piece of cheesecake while maintaining what i currently look like, so i guess i should (re)incorporate the dieting back into diet-and-exercise resolution. yeah, yeah, whatever.

  • write more in 2006!! aspiring writers write, don't they? they don't aspire to write, they write to aspire for greatness. i'm not sure how this simple fact escaped me all these years, but i should write more. yeah. sadly, i doubt this means that i'll blog more. once a week is enough, though i could end up reposting some of my offline ramblings here just for, you know, validation and stuff.

  • learn more in 2006!! i'm actually already enrolled in a coding class through my work cus i'm a closeted dork who wants to learn more HTML, but beyond that, i hope to take an astrology class this year, the complement to the tarot class i took last year. and perhaps i can find some other classes through Extentsion to help lube my brain. i like to learn. it do me good.

  • travel more in 2006!! this is another one of those evergreen resolutions that speaks for itself. i do have an overseas adventure roughly outlined for memorial day, and maybe another trip to the east coast, plus a few weekend jaunts to SF. and i'm sure i'll get to all of them.

those are the biggies and i can't wait to check this entry on january 1, 2007, to see how i fared. this new year will also have me trimming some fat, like phasing out a few tenuous relationships that no longer appeal to me and quitting the crappy theater reviewer job i've been doing for the past few years.

on the brightside, i'm pleased with the many things that have been going well lately. thanks to automatic paycheck deductions, i'm putting away money each month which makes me feel super responsible. my health is good (though i should drink more water). my place is always tidy and clean. i'm pleased with the amount i read and the company i keep.

in addition, i'm madly in love with the following: my little guesthouse is the best place i've ever lived, and if you've been here before, you know what i mean; my parents are understanding and supportive, even if they do rub me wrong from time to time; my boyfriend is spectacular and manages to keep me intruiged on every level (no easy feat); my friends are way cooler and more interesting than i am; and my good-natured dog is the bomb, y'all.

what more can a girl ask for? here are some ideas: a new car, a book deal, a personal chef and a bag of money. but i'll save those for next year.

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