Saturday, January 14, 2006

So Far

my "To Do in 2006" list keeps growing. i wonder if constantly adding to the list will only set me up for failure. it now includes crazy things like "fix my FICO" and "buy car." hopefully, completing the former will help my ability to complete the latter. and if both are completed successfully this year, perhaps my "To Do in 2007" list will include "buy property."

i hope it does. i'm so ready to become an adult. the thirties truly are the new twenties for my generation. my twenties felt like an extended adolescence -- with only slightly more cash and slightly better judgment than i possessed in my teens. with thirty at my doorstep, however, i'm ready to begin procuring adult stuffs. i even opened a friggin retirement account.

but one thing at a time. my initial baby steps of 2006 did indeed lead me to the gym where every single sweat-inducing machine was occupied. guess i wasn't the only one who resolved to exercise more in the new year. haven't sat down to write yet, but that's on the agenda for this three-day weekend. i've reserved a spot in a culinary skills course, so i'm making good on my promise to learn more. and a stay in SF is (tentatively) planned for presidents day weekend, which means more travel in 2006.

these last few weeks have also seen me at a few live shows, including Sia with Zee, Nick and Chad; and the Dresden Dolls with Mo and Deo. i've been to the dog park with Juice, and even survived a crappy little flu which gripped me the first few days of january. work is busy again and, in general, the year has moved along swimmingly.

and i guess that's about it for now.

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