Wednesday, March 04, 2009


as some of you know, i have been a huge fan of for many moons and even bought their build-it-yourself calendar, which features 12 of my favorite selections from their “demotivator” line of satirical motivational posters.

the calendar came my way via a gift certificate given to me for christmas by my beyond fantastic boss, who (thankfully!) totally gets me. for this i am endlessly grateful, as it makes our working relationship a virtually perfect one.

the print to the left is probably my absolute favorite demotivator (this one’s pretty good, too), and when i flipped my calendar to March and saw FAILURE staring at me in big green letters, a huge smile crossed my face. i then ran over to my boss’ office and told her that the word of the month is “failure” and that we both had to slide it into office conversations as much as possible.

as much as i love these posters, i’m totally jealous i didn’t come up with the idea for them first, as they perfectly sum up my sense of humor, and my life.

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