Monday, March 23, 2009

One-Hit Wonders: March 2009

you would not believe the number of people who think Malia Obama is really named Mila Obama. these people and their typos have been clogging up my blog’s search terms since the inauguration. also clogging up the search terms this month are nipples, as evidenced below:

  • milla jovovich has sausage nipples

  • cold nipples

  • 38dd’s tit flash

  • nipples bigger than milla

  • ionic breeze itchy rash, hives

  • ides of march menses

  • naked sexy ass

  • the househunting feet

  • hot wet wild girls

  • my dog fuck me

  • goddess milla teenage vampire

  • can’t drink like i used to

  • tits hanging through hammock

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