Thursday, July 09, 2009

The 12th Time I Turned 21

Morning Love Note
birthday, bitches! i’m a little late on this, but my 33rd birthday came and went recently, leaving me a year older, none the wiser and a little more wrinkly. this may come as a shocker, but this is the oldest i’ve ever been and what’s more shocking is that i’m OK with it.

French Toast with Preserves
birthday breakfast: the morning of my birthday, Mo asked what i wanted to eat, saying he would make it for me. in true toddler fashion i yelled, “i want birthday cake for breakfast!” so he whipped up some french toast and drenched it in syrup and strawberry preserves. and with a candle and birthday song, my big day was underway.

Mo in the Kitchen
what i came home to: the big day, which fell on a friday this year, was spent off of work and out of the house, indulging in whatever decadence my aging heart desired. this meant a steam room visit, hour-long massage and shopping spree in which i bought many cute tops. when i came home, dinner was on the table.

The Birthday Menu
Chef Mo: i’ve always dreamed of having a personal chef and Mo made it happen this year by gifting me his kitchen skills for the day, which produced impressive food that tasted even better than it looked.

Dinner Is Served
the starter: we began with some lovely cold cream of avocado soup that, surprisingly, tasted nothing like guacamole and more like delicious.

Red Snapper with Brabant Potatoes, courtesy of Mo
the main event: then came the red snapper fillet, which was dusted with cajun seasonings for a little kick, served over brabant potatoes, also kicky.

Sugar on the Rice Fritters
more cake! dessert was Mo’s mom’s amazing rice fritters recipe, deep fried and sprinkled with sugar, which made for one fat and happy birthday girl.

Tequila Shots
time for refuel: after dinner, i desperately needed to nap, but Mo and i had a party to go to, so we down some red bull and brought out the tequila.

Raidis Toasts
not really: as a russian, i prefer vodka to tequila, so Raidis had to do my shot for me, which she perfected many times over. she also had to host our combined annual birthday party, as my house still isn’t ready for primetime.

Raid and Me
we’re not pregnant: we’re just hiding rice fritters under our tops.

Deo and Ali
however, Ali is pregnant: and here’s Deo kindly providing her unborn child an initiation into the life he can look forward to living. lucky kid.

Jessica, Juan, Buck
kitchen antics: Jessica, Juan and Joe confirm that the alcohol was in the kitchen.

Group Shot
meanwhile: people with drinks also made it outdoors, where they laughed and socialized and had a good time that didn’t result in the police showing up.

no, my forehead! Zee is under the mistaken impression that her forehead is too imposing, to which i say, “tyra.”

another one: apparently, Marina does not like her profile, to which i say, “oprah.”

Raidis and Cassie
this is how you do it: Raidis and Cassie, who hadn’t seen each other for many years, provided the miles of smiles.

Buck and Ann
Buck and Ann also ham: there are a few more party photos here.

Mo and Me
the sexy chef and i: we stayed at the party far too late, wrapping up the night after 3am before heading home and collapsing into bed with a belly full of rice fritters. in short, a delicious day in every way.

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