Sunday, August 23, 2009

One-Hit Wonders: August 2009

nipples have made a comeback in the search terms pulling up my blog this month, and just in time for fall! there’s also a diverse spattering of household-related nonsense, plus four variations of “i caught my sister fucking our dog,” which have been omitted below but are worth mentioning for the many ways “caught” can be misspelled: cot, cought, caugt. wow! cheers to learning something every day.
  • can you hang keys on milla jovovich nipples?

  • fukola cola bulk

  • how many beers fit in trunk

  • superstitions what does it mean when a man tits itch ?

  • fashion show backstage dressing photostream

  • homemade stumpgrinder

  • what could be in the air in our yard that is making me itch and have hives

  • the difference between comparatives and superlatives

  • morphine drip inserted in spine

  • big automatic lactating tits

  • pigeon feathers curse

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