Monday, May 31, 2010

One-Hit Wonders: May 2010

as expected, searches for the Landmark Forum have invaded the keywords pulling up my blog this month. and yes, i know i owe you the last installment of my Landmark experience. (it will be published this week, promise!) the best of the non-Landmarkian others are below.
  • diaper
  • chronicles of extermination
  • guy on reality tv show gets sprayed by a skunk video
  • wife, tits, blogspot
  • school hunks#ii=25
  • accidentally swallowed a crab shell
  • automatic drip tits
  • how to stop a tree stump from smelling
  • how do i meet milla? i think she is hot.
  • peacemaker weed
  • suppository straitjacket
  • i slept with john taylor duran
  • does johnny depp own the antelope valley mall


Courtney said...

"How do I meet Milla? I think she's hot" should be its own bumper sticker so many people feel that way.

Milla said...

awwww, flattery will get you everywhere!