Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Reality TV Preview: 15 Shows to Watch

because i can never be busy enough, i've taken on Reality TV Writer duties for Metacritic, an awesome website that gets actual traffic (unlike this one). my first piece had me writing about the hottest reality shows to keep you cool this summer.

wow, did i actually write that? i can't believe they hired me to put sentences together, though i'm glad they did because it means i'm that much closer to getting the book deal that will make me rich and famous! (a girl can dream. don't ruin my fantasy.)

It’s time to get real

With temperatures ticking upward and episodes of American Idol winding down, reality TV aficionados will need new unscripted entertainment to occupy those hot summer nights spent indoors with the air conditioning up and the television blaring. Thankfully, five brand new shows and ten returning series will help fill the void.

Among the new shows are peeks into the mystery-laden world of ghosts, doctors, artists and mental disorders. The returning series feature old favorites such as The Bachelorette, Intervention, and the second season of MTV’s smash hit Jersey Shore, which promises to showcase a summer vacation far more exciting than yours or mine...

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