Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gone, Baby, Gone

all the comments from the first seven years of this blog have vanished. i’m trying to be all zen about it, but i’m royally pissed off. i’m mostly pissed at myself for ignoring the emails i got notifying me that my old comments service provider, Haloscan, was being taken over and dissolved, taking its database of comments with it.

i should have paid more attention to it, i realize, but i was busy breaking up with my boyfriend and trying to keep my head screwed on. i couldn’t be bothered. so now i’ve been bothering the customer service reps who work for Haloscan’s new owner, Echo, who keep telling me, “your comments are now GONE. didn’t you get our emails?” yes, yes, i got them but aren’t they tucked away somewhere safe? nothing ever really disappears from the internets, right?

ok, so no comments. i’m sure i’ve reread them more than anyone else did, and i will miss them more than anyone else will. it’s all very sad. RIP, my little friends. maybe i should throw them a funeral. or maybe you all should go back and leave some new comments on old posts. we can re-live 2005 together.

in other news, something else important has disappeared: my free time. these past few weeks have buried me under a pile of freelance work that i’m not even close to digging my way out of. august will be my busiest month of this year, with looming deadlines for a magazine i copy edit, a website i’m helping to launch and articles i’ve promised to write. this means blogging will be light this month, which sucks because i have news to share about my awesome new roommate, my visit to a psychic and even a new home improvement chronicle.

on the bright side, my wallet will be heavy, which is good because mama needs a new couch. i also need a massage, a facial, a vacation, a gardener and a cabana boy to peel me grapes. for now, though, i’ll settle for just a little more sleep. the past few weeks have been stressful and the next few will be even worse. but when they’re done, hopefully i can have some serious fun.


Gitella said...

Don't delete this comment. It's very important! And quit teasing about the stuff you want to share and just share. Geeeez!

Milla said...

lately, all my "sharing" sounds more like whining about how busy i am. talk to me offline and i can give you some scoops.

Wade said...

This actually hits pretty close to home, since I just abandoned about 4 months of comments (granted, a lot less than you lost!) when I switched comment providers. I'd kind of thought that I appreciated having my blog hosted and run by somebody else, but when I hosted and ran it myself I owned all my comments. And all my own content. Maybe I should go back to the old way.