Monday, November 22, 2010


this thanksgiving, i am all gratitude and no attitude. in fact, i am erupting with love like a geyser — love for my friends and family, my health and house, my dogs and job, and every other person, place and thing that has caused a smile to cross my face. i don’t take any of it for granted, not even for one second. i count my blessings every day and recognize that i’m one lucky bitch. i know how corny all of this sounds, but it’s the stone cold truth.

clearly, this has not been my favorite year, and i’ll be most thankful when the clock strikes midnight on new year’s eve and ushers in not only a new year but a new decade to wipe my slate and reset my record. only six more weeks to go. i hope to be out of town on that night, among good friends, adequately buzzed and near someone cute to kiss.

on thanksgiving, i hope to be in the same predicament, though i’ll likely be in town, alone and with no one to kiss. the buzzed part i can probably pull off, however. i am orphaned this year, just like i was last year, as my folks are out of town and my sister is with her in-laws. my family got together already last weekend to stuff our faces, drink away our worries and share a few full belly laughs.

it was a nice evening, in the same way that all evenings with my family usually are. for that, i am endlessly thankful. i had a few close friends lose their parents this year, which made me cling a little tighter to my own when i hugged them goodbye after dinner, whispering “i love you” in their ears and planting kisses on their faces. they are my rocks.

thanksgiving also means getting together with old friends, some of whom i already have plans to see on the friday after thanksgiving. i know i’ve said it before, but my friends are my life support system. this year especially, they have provided the oxygen, the nutrients and the therapy i needed to get through some of my darker moments, showering me with far more kindness than i deserve. for this, i am also endlessly thankful, moreso than usual. they are my world.

add to this the furries, the shelter, the regular paychecks and the beauty all around me that floods my senses with fine music, books, food and art and you have my list of things i’m thankful for this thanksgiving. it’s a good list, one i remind myself of whenever i feel a pity party starting to form in my head, one that makes every day a day worth living.

thank you also, dear reader, wherever and whoever you are. i know posting has been light as i’m taking a little winter hiatus to eat, drink and be merry, but i appreciate your eyes, ears and occasional gifts and emails that let me know you’re tuned in and awaiting the next chapter. i’m right there alongside you, also wondering what will happen next, and thankful that you’re accompanying me on this journey.


Anonymous said...

Here Here MIss Milla. Very well said. Love this blog by the way. ;)

Mane Azeem
the Sylable Sith of Nottingham

Philly said...

My lil' Milla finally has a full supply of estrogen! This post was filled with all things vagina! :)

LOL. Luva ya! xoxoxoxo

Milla said...

hahaha, and that comment was all DICK. heartless, philly! and thanks, mane!

Courtmack said...

As one of your lucky, loyal readers, while I love the normally frequent Milla updates, I wholeheartedly applaud and support you taking extra time to be merry. Let's make a date to you and me be merry together soon. Much Love! C

Joel said...

Dude, your close friends are lucky to have you! I honestly wish I had stayed close to my friends in highschool/college.. you, I envy. It's awesome that you know what'cha got now and understand it's value. Some people how no clue how lucky they are.

And don't worry about corny - Fuck, I'm a 34 year old that sings Disney / Musical Theater songs (because it's the only thing I feel comfortable with and use it to get away... because I wish more people and the world were more corny). Trust me, I know corny.

You, Milla, make corny... cool. Although, by posting this corny response, made it uncool again.. eh, whatever.

Milla said...

thanks, courtmack & joel. this is the one post of the year where i will let my corn flag fly proudly. this is probably not true. i think i've had a few cheeseball posts this year. ah well. back to our regularly scheduled cynical programming...