Monday, November 29, 2010

One-Hit Wonders: November 2010

... search terms inexplicably pulling up this blog...
  • why is my head a scrambled mess?
  • 100grams vodka
  • gay nipple blogspot
  • nick rhodes hair thinning
  • dogs hives from crayon
  • a bit of moitfull catering
  • superstitions itchy boobs what does it mean
  • landmark forum told me to get a divorce
  • o'bryn sinn fein
  • unknown smell in house like burnt rubber


Wade said...

I could use 100grams vodka right now. Could you hook me up?

Milla said...

got some bottles in the fridge. swing by sometime.

Anonymous said...

I’m wondering now if we can talk about your sites statistics – search volume, etc, I’m trying to sites I can buy adspace through – let me know if we can talk about pricing and whatnot. Cheers mate you’re doing a great job though.