Sunday, May 15, 2011

First-World Problems

all the socializing i’ve been engaging in lately has made it hard to find time to blog. i know that you’re rooting for me in this not-at-all-difficult time and i thank you for your prayers and continued support as i carry on with my hectic schedule of dinners, parties, concerts, art openings, group hikes and meetups at bars.

regular blogging will probably resume never as i know roughly 10 people who were born in june (myself included) and will likely host more events i need to attend to commemorate their day of birth (myself also included).

so sorry, bloggy, for neglecting you. i’ve been thinking about you a lot and fully intend to finish those few entires you have been storing for me in draft form, some of which have been sitting dusty on your shelf for months.

i also want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday. you turned 7 years old yesterday, a lucky number that will hopefully translate into a very lucky year for your mama, who is turning 35 years old next month. may we both be guided from above as we navigate through our next year of life, which is sure to be full of suspense and intrigue (a.k.a. bills and alarm clocks).

speaking of bills, i need to hunt down some freelance work to pay for the major home remodel that is scheduled to start next month — as well as the endless socializing that is scheduled to continue into next month. so if you or anyone you know is in need of a stellar writer, editor, proofreader, fact-checker or QA tester, hit me up, yo. (references furnished upon request.)

and if anyone knows how to add more hours to the day so i may have enough time to work, socialize, blog and sleep, please make that happen. gotta run for now. kthxbye!

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