Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Everything Else

sadly, there’s not much else happening besides Operation: Home Remodel, which has entered its sixth week. i was fine with everything until about a week ago, when the orchestra of hammers, drills and saws that has been the soundtrack of my life again woke me up too early on a saturday morning.

i was lying in bed, feeling sleep deprived as usual, my two nervous dogs pacing the room and whining incessantly as usual, and thinking to myself, “fuck, i am so sick of this.” of course, i know it won’t last forever and it will all be worth it in the end — something i am reminded of constantly by almost everyone i know — but that doesn’t make the day suck any less. still, i’m hanging in there and will make it through. and despite a few hiccups, i’m happy to report that everything is going as planned.

in my spare time, i’ve been working like a madwoman who really needs the money. i even picked up a side gig working as a transcriber, a wholly stressful gig that i sort of hate but am happy to do as it means cash in the hand, which i am all about these days. my goal is to pay down my newly acquired house debt in just a few years, and i have many innovative schemes i’m hoping will help me reach this goal (all of them legal, of course). in the meantime, i’ll be eating plenty of poverty meals, mostly prepared in the crockpot, and taking vacations to nowhere.

in my leftover free time that isn’t consumed by house stuff, work, sleep and wishing i were asleep, i’ve attended two weddings and one play, saw Janet Jackson perform at the Greek, Buena Vista Social Club at the Bowl, made a foray to the beach — where i attained an epic sunburn — and marathoned the HBO series Game of Thrones, which i really loved.

i’ve also been reading plenty and watching this season of Big Brother religiously in addition to catching up on plenty of other streamable movies. (notice how i haven’t mentioned exercise in this list.) beyond that, i just wish construction would end already. just six (eight? ten?) more weeks to go.


Jeremy said...

Reading Game of Thrones is even better, and cheap because I can lend them to you (when I get them back from my brother in law)

Milla said...

did you see the HBO series as well?

Jeremy said...

About 5 episodes; going to wait for DVD (no HBO)