Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Conversation Chronicles: Dad's Birthday Dinner

dad: i want to drink for this country, thank it for saving our lifes.

me: second shot of vodka, right on time.

dad: if we were in russia, i would be dead long time ago.

my sister: here he goes again.

dad: it's true. i would be dead and you and your sister would be prostitutes.

{my sister and i exchange confused glances.}

me: well, that's a new one.

my sister: how do you figure that, dad?

dad: it happened to a lot of girls. and if i'm dead, it would happen to you.

me: i'll drink to not being a prostitute.

my sister: and now we'll be drinking to this at every family gathering.

me: yep.

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Marguerite Kennedy said...

I wish blogs had a "like" button!

Drinking to the fact that you're not prostitutes is much better than drinking to relatives who died from alcoholism (a Kennedy family tradition) with no trace of irony.