Thursday, April 29, 2004

Germ's 30th B-day Bash in Santa Barbara

time for another photo essay, this one commemorating the 30th birthday celebration of Mr. Jeremy (aka "germ"), easily one of my most favorite people on the planet. good times were had by all. thanks go to Zee and Nick for driving my ass up to and then down from Santa Barbara last saturday and for providing great car-ride conversation.

the future's so bright: as much as i hated working for PR Newswire San Francisco, it did endow me with the two lovelies you see flanking me here. Germ was my boss and the one who hired me in 1999; Zee was my coworker across the pod. nights of drunken shoptalk were commonplace among us three.

the woman to the man: as much as i adore my jewish soul brother, he is a taken man, and here he is with his lovely wife heather, who deserves a medal with dealing with his royal moodiness. she's pretty rockin on her own, too.

was it cold out?: we all wondered why jeremy's cake had nipples.

hot, hot, zee(na)t: Ms. Zeenat Burns is a hottie, by the way.

slurp: she's so hot i couldn't keep my lips off her.

slurpier: nor jeremy apparently.

posers: Zee's man, Nick, and I throw down our whitebread gang signs.

happy homeboy: jeremy finds happiness at 30, giving hope to the rest of us.