Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sunrise, Sunset

i really feel like i'm 19 years old most of the time. like my ID is a fake ID and i'm engaging in underaging drinking when i hit up a bar or club with my friends. so imagine my dismay when i turned 29 last week. that's so close to 30, which is so close to 40, which is so close to death. luckily, i had some very good friends around to ease my uneasy 29-year-old soul. here are some photo highlights from the party.

it's my party: and i'll let my tits hang out if i want to.

my number one fan: i know y'all have probably never heard this before, but i really dig my dog.

it was the best punchline i've heard in ages: too bad i can't remember it. (thanks for coming out, pauly.)

Jok rocks! he is really one of the coolest and smartest people i've ever met.

juan juan juan: he always says that i'm him in a wig (because we're so alike). thanks, juancho, for letting me stay at your friends' houses whenever i'm in spain and for terrific post-party conversation. besos.

yes, there were girls there, too: raidis and ann hanging out in the hammock.

party people: partying.

the secret's out: for those regular readers of my blog and its comments, i present to you the mysterious "chris knight," who looks suspiciously like this guy, marlin, i went to high school with.

no hard feelings: nope, none whatsoever. in fact, we've been quite the fiery item lately. but more on that at another time.

i'm such a hippocrite: i say that my life isn't about wild orgies and lesbianism, and here i post a picture of me kissing one of my girlfriends.

can you blame me? Zee is smokin hot. and super cool and smart and kind. plus, she has the sexiest voice.

Nick knows all that: that explains that smile. them two make a terrific couple and terrific friends.

i'm getting weepy: and, apparently, i'm running out of new ways to express my love for my friends. they just rock. period.

there was still no orgy: i swear! thanks, robin, for the wet one.

join us next year: for the party celebrating the second time i turn 29.

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