Tuesday, July 05, 2005

If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going

don't stop to check out the scenery, because the scenery sucks and there are no roses to smell. just keep going until you make it through.

that's what work feels like right about now. it's a hell to endure until july 15, which is the first big deadline. but little deadlines follow so i won't be entirely out of brimstone until about mid-october. then comes a vacation to anywhere relaxing. it couldn't get here fast enough, because i feel spent. i'm cranky and in chronic, dire need of a nap. the bright side is overtime pay and...hmm...i guess that's the only bright side. the dim sides are too numerous to mention. good news is that i've successfully staved off this cold that's been trying to put its hands around my scratchy throat for the past week or so. thank you, Airborne.

and thank you, fuckers, who showed up to my birthday party the other week. for the record, they are indeed real, and it just takes a terrific bra to bring out their best. also for the record, i am indeed 29 and not all that bothered by this fact. life gets better each year, because i get smarter and stronger. i also, apparently, because less shameful, as evidenced by the last few posts on this here blogger. (thank g-d my mom stopped reading this thing years ago.)

my new goal for the next year and beyond is to become the best possible version of myself. with my newfound spirituality -- induced largely through studying tarot -- i see that some of my old shitty habits no longer serve me. i think i can still keep my edge while being a kinder, gentler me. i'm not sure what all that means yet, but i'm working on it.

and where better to work it out than here?

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