Friday, March 26, 2004

Climbed a Mountain and You Turned Around

i've been so lazy lately and loving it. trying to enjoy the last few moments of my freedom before the end-of-the-semester shit storm hits. i have three major assignments due, none of which i've been taking too seriously, and one of which is due this monday. work hasn't been making much of an impact either -- with the occasional theater review written for NoHo>LA and the occasion work day with the dorks in culver city. so this leaves me with plenty of free time to...

  • last tuesday's date was postponed due to scheduling conflicts on his end, moved to next monday. he will be the fifth first date.

  • met O. on wednesday night (date #4), and that wasn't too shabby. there's minor chemistry there. highlights include some awkward pauses in the conversation, him telling me i was "a hard nut to crack," finding out i went to high school with his sister, and a goodnight salutation that was very promising. we meet again next thursday.

  • met W. again for lunch, date #3 from last week, and that was just lovely. i sincerely do like the person he is, and we have fabulous conversation and connection. it feels very relaxed. but, sadly, there's no animal magnetism on my end, as much as i wish there were since the guy is great. he's definite friend fodder, and i hope we can evolve there naturally.

  • might have one other date lined up for next week, though i'd rather hold off and keep it at two dates a week. again, the life stories get too confusing to juggle any more. i guess i won't be going out with chris after all and that saddens me deeply (sarcasm).

  • got about four or five other guys in the pipeline, so there aren't many dull moments in this wacky world of internet dating. i'm still amused by it all, as i was when i recently checked my inbox at the personals site and saw a message from new guy "PoetsSoul." i almost peed my pants laughing. of course he took himself all seriously, talking about the many "stacks of papers" his poetry takes up. i almost thought of asking him for a poem (so i could post it up here, of course), but thought better of it when i saw his photo and that he lived in west covina.

otherwise, things have been ok on my end. i had a few very low days awhile back where i sat around downing wine, smoking cigarettes (yes, i began again), and listening to friggin 'landslide.' i began to sink a little and feel too much. but the last few days have been more positive, upbeat. i know time has a way of making miracles happen, and i'll be patient.

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