Monday, March 29, 2004

I'm Such a Bitch

check out these notes that recently found their way into my personals inbox, neither of which will get a response. this one's easily the longest introductory note i've ever seen:

I'm suffering an incurable bout of insomnia, as I am in Barcelona. I've wandered and wandered this city. It's amazing, but, alas, my feet are hurting, so I thought I would wander the available women on this here site...The tiles on the streets have seashells, and spirals.

Forgive my sales pitc/boite/hyperbole:

Going through a laundry list of my qualities I don't think means much in this environment (responding to an ad on the internet). However, with the types of people that are out there looking, I guess there is some need for it, so here it goes.

I shave my head because I am bald (the modern comb-over, i guess), blue eyes, very long eyelashes and live near the beach. I am not a skinny chap, however, I have lost over 50lbs in the last year, and am finally happy with my weight. I work out at least 3x a week.

I am a consultant for internet content companies, I help them make sense of their internet presence. I also am a photographer, and am slowly transitioning out of the internet game, into a career as a fine art photographer. I shoot as much as I can and you can often find me in the darkroom.

I also love food and wine, and love to cook not for, but, WITH someone whom I care about. For me thhis is the ultimate in collaboration, working sans recipes and only having an idea of what you want for dinner. Going to the farmer's market, fiding the perfect piece of fish and the right veggies to go with it, going home, beginning the slow cook and perhaps a museum or a nice walk, coming home and finishing this perfect dinner with the perfect wine and great conversation, sounds like a perfect day to me.

I am 32. I am originally from Nebraska, where I grew up in a very interesting and strange community.

I prefer walks at sunset to bar hopping on Sunset. That isn't to say, that I don't love getting dressed up to go out for a nice dinner, a movie or great play/show, people recently have begun calling me fancy pants. I am learning to be confident and comfortable with myself and have begun to grow past all the mental games I played with myself and others until recently.

I am looking for a person who I can establish a wonderful healthy relationship based on trust, honor and respect. Most importantly, I recognize that in order to be respected I must treat people and live in a way that deserves respect. I would rather search for a life trying to build a relationship rather then stroking my own ego.

I am very real, genuine and caring. I would consider myself very well-rounded. If you want to know more, I would love to share! I enjoy the simple things in life and do not define myself by fleeting things that come and go.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Blue Flowers,

this is a poem from aforementioned poetry-soul man. i did indeed ask him for one after all. it's kind of cute in an amateurish, high-school sort of way:

"The Darkness You Deny"

I say there's a darkness I see in you.
You say I must be mistaken.
Just look at the marvelous life I lead.
Can't you see the path I've taken?
But I say that your darkness still shines through,
It can't be so easily hidden.
You say that your darkness has all gone away,
That your sins have all been forgiven.
But you're wrong, I say, to feel this way.
The darkness is nothing to run from.
It is the force that liberates -
Replaces ignorance with freedom.
You seek the light, you tell me,
For that is the only worthy goal.
But I say to you, without the dark
You have but half a soul,
For in the darkness is the power
That propels a holy wrath,
And in the black pit of the soul
Is where you must create your path.
So do not hide in pretty thoughts.
Remember the thorns with your roses.
Sit and quietly contemplate
The beauty the darkness composes.

will i be struck by lightning for this? i feel a little guilty for ridiculing all these guys (but not that guilty). but i suppose hell hath no fury...

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