Sunday, March 14, 2004


so what the hell's been up? well, a little of everything lately. the best news is that i'm on spring break all this week, though i have to work on that story i mentioned a few posts back in addition to working on my other classes, so it isn't that much of a break. at least i'll have more time to catch up on sleep and work on my house, which is finally coming together with furniture in the living room and bookshelves in the bedroom. anyone who wants to donate some healthy plants to my abode, please contact me.

and as far as the harem goes, all i can say is Rome wasn't built in a day. it often takes weeks for things to materialize, between the first contact and first meeting. the protocol, i've discovered, involves (in this order) several email exchanges, chatting via a messenger service, a few phone calls and then meeting at the bar for drinks. (i'm trying to expedite the process by cutting out the phone calls altogether.) along the way, people have a way of dropping off -- sometimes me, sometimes them -- when the idea of the other person loses its luster. i've abruptly stopped corresponding with guys when they've sent me a new photo in which i found them particularly ugly. maybe that's why some have stopped responding to me as well. who knows? but, like buses, there's always another one on the way.

nothing substantial ended up happening with the first guy i went out. we did engage in a little chatting post-date that went a little haywire. he started up with the same line of lewd commentary he pulled the night i met him when he begged me to take him home with me (which i didn't do, mind you). i suggested he show a little more class through gentle ribbing, and he got all huffy and defensive. it was strange because it didn't have to escalate, but the tone turned argumentative and i tuned out. that was the end of that.

i also met a second dude late last week, but unfortunately, he didn't interest me on any level -- not physically, mentally nor intellectually. and again, he was fucking short, maybe 5'9" though his profile said 5'11". if girls lie about their weight, guys lie about their height. plus, he was boring, but i caught a nice buzz off the drinks he kept buying me, so the night wasn't an entire wash. i have a date tomorrow night with a brand new dude who says he's 5'11". we'll see about that.

and kudos to jeremy and jenny, my fellow copy editors who pointed out that the definition of a "harem" is specific to a sheik and his brood. obviously, mine is a 21st century harem with a chick sheik -- a chic sheik! -- at its center.

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