Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Date

(if you're just joining us, please read the previous post before proceeding.)

it wasn't too bad -- could have been worse, i'm sure, also could have been better. after a slightly awkward start, i progressively became more comfortable and began to enjoy things. the guy was nice, intelligent, often funny, conversation easily flowed. he's a recent LA transplant from the east coast, spent the last two years teaching english in romania, spent 12 years as a latin teacher in the states. he's 36, a brown graduate, cute in a boyish way, very worldly, but SHORT. too short for my taste at 5'9". i like my heels and platform shoes, and with them on, we're eye to eye. (a 6'5" man like my last one is waaay sexier.) i tried to snap a digital photo of him to post up here, but he wouldn't go for it. i need to keep this blog secret from the dudes. one guy i was chatting with actually found it by googling my name, and i don't want that to happen again. first names only from here on out.

and the guys -- there are so many, it's crazy. didn't realize how much dick was out there. i get new responses to my profile every day. i've already struck up email exchanges with a half dozen of them. some have been interesting, others less so. one dude from the other night actually told me he hadn't been laid in two years. guys, this is something you should NOT share with a woman you hardly know and are (presumably) trying to impress. because women do indeed judge men by the women who surround them, and if no woman surrounded this man in two years, chances are that i won't want to either. he then asked me how i felt about porn and gave me the not-so-subtle impression that he was OBSESSED with it. the conversation ended shortly thereafter.

but back to the others. there are lots to choose from and i've decided to spread myself thin. (indeed, from carrie to samantha, z.) i'm thinking i need to create a harem for myself, find a handful of fun and interesting guys to put into rotation. the guy from last night could be a contender. no committments, low-maintenance, no big and complicated feelings, no boyfriends. that's what i envision for myself this year. fuck you, if you judge me. this is my show, and after spending 10 years in unsuccessful and uneventful relationships, my only concern will (finally) be about pleasing myself.

in regard to my profile (ok, it's on nerve personals), here's a snippet: MORE ABOUT WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: Someone with a strong sense of self. Someone who can laugh at himself. Someone who knows what he's doing in the boardroom, bedroom and kitchen.

maybe i should put something in there about height?

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