Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I Left My Heart In...

that's right. i paid a little visit to my favorite city by the bay last weekend, and now have an exciting photo essay to share. as always, it's lovely being there and i can't deny that i'm crazy tempted to move back, especially now. i just might one day soon. the weather was so agreeable, i even got some color and went without a jacket. here are some choice snapshots of my fabulous weekend.

a pretty good view of the transamerica tower in downtown SF. right behind it is the bay bridge that separates east bay from the city. oakland lies just beyond.

a closer view of the transamerica tower.

my girl sharon lounging just before we headed out on friday night.

my bitches: sharon and demetria

a view up one of north beach's several scenic streets.

my favorite negative example, jeremy, who also happens to be my former boss and good friend. he kindly met me for lunch on saturday and accompanied me on my shopping spree through chinatown.

how much is that duckie in the window? meats galore in chinatown.

andy gladly demonstrating much of what we spent doing all weekend.

Dee and Me

barflies: Dee, Andy and Me

Me and Andy tired after a night of partying in the city.

that's it, folks. my parents gifted me their old digital camera so i'll be putting snapshots up here more regularly. my plan is to make it back to SF shortly after graduation in may for more fun in the sun.

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